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Prophetic Art and Faith
with Lula Adams

Prophetic Art Devotional Journal
by Lula Adams

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Prophetic Art
Devotional Journal
By Lula Adams

Step into a secret, quiet place and meet with Jesus. Discover God's devotion, faithfulness, and great capacity to love you with an everlasting love. Pray and ask God to come closer. Look at the colorful art and reflect on the poetry and stories as you step into God's presence and learn more about the Holy Spirit. Allow the inspired art and words to stir hope and joy in your heart. Take the time to write and even draw your thoughts and impressions. You will soon discover a deeper place of intimacy with God.

This prophetic art journel expresses faith in God visually. It is designed to help you experience peace as you spend time considering the wonders of God's love for you.

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