Faith Colors

A poem about the colors of faith.

Red is for boldness and passion
Faith that is ready for action
The truth is so real in my heart
Sharing Jesus, so eager to start.

Orange, the color of fall
The harvest is fruit of the call
Faith for Spirit release
Yields love, joy, and peace.

Yellow like the sun ever bright
Worship in Spirit in fresh light
Yellow is the faith to believe
God’s presence to receive.

Comforting soothing presence of peace
Joy moving softly, never to cease
Faith green from above
Fills us with love.

Reaching from pale to deep blue
Revelation faith penetrates through
Hope begins with a promise so true
Jesus steadfastly stays true blue.

Fine purple for the children of the King
Oh, the fullness of faith that it brings
Let all Christians claim and sing
Our Father, the Creator and King.

Overwhelming white light
Cleansing everything in sight
Simple faith to believe
God’s grace to receive.

This poem is an original work of the author from the book Faith Colors, Encounters with God in living faith by Lula Adams.

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