Prophetic Art, Insights into God’s Glory

The pages of this book are alive with vibrant rainbow colors and poetry that will help you encounter the flow of the Holy Spirit. Prophetic art is an expression of the Holy Spirit that draws you into the heavenly realm where Jesus reigns in beauty and love. Here you can catch new insights about God’s glory.

When is the last time you felt God’s peace and tranquility? Or laughed out loud with happiness? So often people live busy lives and allow no time for loving and laughing with pure joy. In Jesus there are flowing rivers of joy. Lula encourages you to enjoy your life! Take time to think about God and express kindness. This book will help you slow down and focus on the value of loving the Creator of the universe and people as you think about the wonders of God shown in the pictures. It’s the kind of book you keep on your night stand or coffee table to enjoy again and again.

Lula drew or painted the pictures in worship or while soaking in God’s presence. Enjoy being drawn into that heavenly realm where hope, peace and tranquility flourish.

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