About Prophetic Art

The Rainbow Sword - Sword of the Spirit

Prophetic Art is an expression of God’s heart and word in a visual way.

The purpose of prophetic art is to enlighten, encourage, and bring comfort, just like other forms of the prophetic ministry. Sometimes prophetic art is called encounter art or inspirational art not only because the artist creates from an encounter with God, but that encounter can be expressed in the prophetic artwork to create an inspirational message of God’s presence.

The creative arts like poetry, drawing, painting, photography, sculpture, dance, drama, and music are expressions that reflect our heart and soul. Prophetic art reaches deep into our faith to reflect our heart and soul as intertwined with our relationship with God. It is born out of faith and prayer. It comes alive during personal or corporate worship.

Artistic images express spiritual messages that bring insight, hope, joy, and even healing.

Prophetic art flows when God’s presence fills us and Holy Spirit is stirred within us.

Prophetic art brings a bit of heaven to earth.