The meanings of the colors of faith

Come and look at faith through the meaning of the colors of the rainbow. Explore the spiritual significance of color in relationship to living faith.

Red stands for the fire of bold and passionate faith in the blood of Jesus that cleanses us and sets us free. Grace.

Orange represents the faith that waits and believes in God’s promises and reaps a harvest that overflows.

Yellow is bright and cheerful. It stands for faith that experiences God’s presence and the joy filled experience of worship.

Green faith is peaceful, like walking through a meadow with Jesus in the summertime. We have purpose and forgiveness in Jesus.

Blue stands for revelation. God calls us to walk in His wisdom and truth by faith.

Purple is a royal color that represents faith in our identity in Christ. We are loved.

White light is a combination of all the colors. White represents pure faith that listens to God’s voice and believes.

Healing is found in Jesus, through the work that He accomplished at the cross. All the colors of the rainbow reflect faith that yields healing. Green is the color most often associated with healing because when we find ourselves in God’s presence, we experience His peace. Being with Jesus often results in healing.

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